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Means something is garbage, or worthless, or pathetic...

See John Vespa
That was absolutely garbanzo, dont ever say it again!
by Stathi August 08, 2004
24 9
a woman's breasts ( from another term for chickpeas)
her garbanzos jiggled as she moved even though her bra was as secure as ever.
by The Return of Light Joker October 12, 2009
3 3
verb. to garbanzo. garbonzoing. garbonzoed.

1. Flatulence caused by consumption of legumes without prior use of Beano.

2. To stink up a room with silent but very deadly (SBVD) gas.

3. To secretly sneak gas-causing food into someone's meal while pretending to cook them something out of love.
1. Oops, I just garbanzoed.

2. Don't garbanzo my space.

3. Dude, did you garbanzo my pizza?
by M. Miller and M. Davis October 01, 2007
4 4
A bubbly fart in the bath tub.
This morning I let a beautiful garbanzo rip. it bubbled up next to me like an old, familiarly pungent friend.

That turd's not mine! I only garbanzoed.
by Caiman1 November 09, 2013
0 1