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To experience internally or externally a state of gloomy or grim burdens
Little Joey, why do you look so glim?
by Stallie October 20, 2008
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A life threatening disease occurring in teenage girls between the age of 14-18. Characteristics are having greasy hair, which is lice infected and in a mullet. Glim is also an acronym, standing for greasy lice infected mullet.
Hey Glim, your hair is looking great today

Shut up Glim

Glim, you smell like ass
by rugnugget12234 April 28, 2011
A greasy lice infected mullet, common in high school girls between the age of 13- 18

by rugrat 1234564 April 28, 2011
To be ignorant of the scientologists school of thought; the ability to improve conditions and create a better reality
1. "Matt, Matt, Matt... you are so glim." - (Tom Cruise to Matt Lauer)
2. The glim scientology protestsers were quickly struck down by the wrath of L. Ron Hubbard
by Glim July 10, 2008
when youre not sure whether to be happy or sad - a cross between glee and glum.
I've just had my first sexual intercourse for 5 years but she was a right minger.
by kit robinson April 14, 2003
flippant unglumness
by mikelucky October 28, 2003

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