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Referred to as 'The Glebe'. A residential neighbourhood in central Ottawa, the borders of which are the Canal and Queensway.
The Glebe is distintictive for its Victorian homes and large trees.
by Glebite7 October 21, 2009
Based on the Glebe Special School in Perthshire the term refers to a special needs person
"Turn off the shower cord chebs you fucking glebe"
by craigyboy2 January 11, 2010
Refers to any number of perverse sexual actions. Also a road located in Arlington, VA. See cum, dirty sanchez, bukkake, skeet, grundle
"Dude! He totally glebed all over her face!"
"Give her the the glebe, man!"
"Last night, she was licking my glebe and it was flippin' sweet!"
by D. Icardi August 08, 2006
The Projects of Sydney. Some areas of Glebe contain a lot of government funded houses which mean a lot of troubled kids..
Don't come to Glebe lad or you'll get shanked
by eshayz! January 27, 2005
Congested and frustrating road in Arlington, VA and Alexandria, VA. Goes all over the place and doesn't follow any patterns at all, so people who aren't very familliar with the area hate it. Also has a name that is apparently hilarious.

Passes through Crystal City, Arlandria, Buckingham, Columbia Pike, Ballston, and Lee Highway.
This morning it seriously took me ten fucking minutes to make a left onto Glebe.
by arlingtonlifer September 12, 2007
The word Glebe means an absolute fucking spasticated faggot
Lewis, you are a fucking Glebe!
by scotty December 21, 2004
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