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Hoy: to throw or chuck something

Hoy: to go out on the hoy, to go out drinking, on the piss, on the lash.

hoy: to hoy up, to be sick.
I'm going out on the hoy tonight.

I just hoyed it in the bin.

I just hoyed up on my cat.
by ProperBo December 11, 2005
A Blur-mergency is a situation of emergency surrounding the members of UK Britpop band - Blur.
Damon Albarn: Oh shit! Alex is going mental, he needs to lay off the coke!
Graham Coxon: Get him to a hospital, this is a Blur-mergency!
by ProperBo February 05, 2008
someone a bit slow, ie special needs
Jiggy, you're a glebe
by ProperBo December 08, 2005

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