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The fleshy spore-bearing inner mass of a certain fungi.
"Emma just said gleba."
by No1Manelow May 04, 2009
/gle-ba/ noun

Slang for vagina, vulva, fuck hole, chocha, chocho, toto, twat, cunt, cuca, pussy, taco, hooch, cha-cha, vertical smile, muffin, crica, putang, cherry, hoo-hoo, poonany, nookie, chach, camel toe, etc.
"Fuck! My gleba needs some stitchens."

That bitch told me "My gleba is horny, do me already!"

Her: "I want your cock to fuck my gleba until I'm soaking wet."
Him: "Oh baby I'm gonna fuck your gleba so hard that we're gonna be swimming in your juice."

"Your gleba melted over my cock until the creampie spread all down my balls...!!"

Sergio knows how to work my gleba real good.

Diane's gleba is open for business.
by lasbellas0469 November 01, 2011
the fleshy spore bearing inter mass of a certain fungi
i entered a definition for gleba.
by Anonymous April 19, 2003
n. A colloquialism, pertaining to emphasize a male sexual tyrannosaurus in his prime; who in any situation is able to seduce, or to put in layman terms ‘pull’ a member of the opposite sex by any and all means possible.
Like the Mallard Duck and Peacock, the ‘gleba’ male will go to great lengths to secure a mate. This young ‘gleba’, for instance, has donned a vibrant all pink outfit to ensure success during the mating season. In this case, the flamboyant color scheme serves the dual purpose of both helping him get noticed by females in heat and distracting other males who will be too busy beating his ass to steal any of his mates. A borderline suicidal strategy, but successful nonetheless.

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