An artist who has the equiptment to make things, and can form things from glass (Usually Pyrex glass)...
The glass blower who blew this meth pipe, got skillz.
by Uncle Beasley April 03, 2006
Top Definition
A girl who wears way too much lip gloss
That girl at the club last night looked like a total glass blower
by majikmomma March 11, 2010
New term beaing use by gamers to replace "N00b" The term was made up by Sony beta testers playing the JakX Combat Racing game.
You're such a Glass Blower.
by Big Naz August 21, 2005
One who enjoys being the recipient of anal sex.
Erica is such a glassblower!
Many gay men are glassblowers.
OMG dude seriously, your not a glassblower r u?
by k9norn November 12, 2003
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