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Exclamation; opposite of yay
"Glarg!" I have to miss the concert because of an exam.
by Shai Steiman September 18, 2003
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A feeling of boredom, frustration, and general engineering-ish-ness.
University Student 1: Glarg
University Student 2: agreed, I do not like this either
by Fraser K. February 07, 2008
to randomly hit computer keys on the keyboard. expresses emotions such as confusion, anger, and sheer boredom.
me:gosh ive been so sdfhosidjrlesijglkgopei lately. ya know?
her: no. i have no fucking clue what you're talking bout
me: bitch. im fucking glarging.
her:oh...*akward silence*
by JEWjew February 15, 2008
Male, 30-something, Patriots fan.

Very or slightly overweight dude commonly with long messy hair, poor hygiene, age old clothes. No sexual attraction whatsoever. More than likely hanging out with a taller, handsomer, clean cut guy of same age and background in order to have the women in his same vicinity.

Most commonly the GLARG is from the North Eastern part of the continental United States and has relocated to warmer and a more metropolitan area.

Becomes second tier when women approach the taller friend. Usually just shunned away with a kind insult.
Woman walks up to two guys in a bar and says to the taller one...

WOMAN: "Excuse me, my friends over there are interested in you. What is your name?"

TALL FRIEND: (being polite and introducing his less fortunate friend) "Hi, I'm Jeff and this is my friend Glenn!"

WOMAN: "Was that Glarg???"

GLENN (GLARG): (furious but controlled) "No, Glenn, two N's..."

WOMAN: (Interested in the Tall Friend) "Whatever, anyway Jeff, my friends....."

Usually this leaves the GLARG enraged and hateful, but still drinks the night away.
by Fremont40SW June 24, 2009
The physical roles of fat associated with kankles.
Oh yeah, Kodi came out here for a snack and he got stuck in her glarg.
by GOSrisky April 08, 2011

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