a dumb fuck
your such a glarf
by Jamie June 04, 2004
Top Definition
upon stepping up or down a step/curb, one only places a portion of their foot on the ledge and once full pressure of the body is applied, the foot slips down in a speedy fashion; therefore completing a "glarf".
"oh Leroy, did u see that stupid fuck just glarf on the curb walking into wal-mart!?!"
by tim downard October 31, 2008
Noun; a mental deficiency such as the inability to retain a certain piece of information. For example the name of a certain person.
A man said to his wife: "You're brother-in-law's first name is a glarf to me, I know that you have told me a thousand times but I just can't retain it."
by Charlie A November 27, 2006
glarf is a word inspired the sound of a cock in one's throat, but it can be used in everyday language without using more obvious expletives...
what the glarf?
this is glarfic.
frikken glarfity.
glarfing whores.
by glarf mcgee June 13, 2010
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