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Fun loving, easily distracted and loyal to a certain extent. People named this, usually get away with murder and get anything that they want. If they are family... always watch your wallet, as they can seduce money from you without you knowing. Strong and powerful, the Glaiza's of the world are great people who are a lot of fun; and you can trust them as far as you can throw them.

Their nickname should be Ice! "As they can be as cold as ice... "
"You Got Glaiza'ed"
Person who's wallet was efficiently emptied by a Glaiza.

"Wow... you threw a Glaiza"
Person who managed to catch a Glaiza emptying their wallet.

"Ice, ice, baby!"
Caution: only a person who is accustomed to a Glaiza can be privileged enough to call her Ice.

"Spicy Ice"
Affectionate nickname phrase for a Glazia.
by Iamkenyan April 17, 2011
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A kind of girl that may look kind and innocent outside, but has a bitches attitude dwelling from within.
"I thought she was nice, but she was exactly what Sean told me, she's a freaking Glaiza!! She embarrassed me infront of my teachers!!"
by Amlatheia December 16, 2013
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