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The best Counter-Strike player ever:

OMFG! GiZzY is the best non-hacking Counter-Strike player EVER!11!!!ONE!11!
by Jason(/-_^_-\)X August 17, 2005
to be very exciting and hyped up.
'The Bomb Digz were gizzy last night.'
'Im too gizzy today.'
#thebombdigz #tbd #digaz #gizy #toogizzy
by reginesogizzy August 14, 2015
1. A word used to describe your inner rock emotions. Also the inner wild side. Used to describe your rocking mode.

2. Former guitar player of the Jersey Syndicate and Nomad Fool. Brother in Law to the Notorious Mikey Franchise.
Did you see how Gizzy that show was last night". "You lost your Gizzy man, What happened?" "I havent got Gizzy in a while cause of my girlfriend.
#gizzy #law #franchise #rock #word
by mpgizzchise July 17, 2010
Any pain killer or pill that will get you intoxicated.
Whats good with the gizzys?
We just tooted a gizzy a min ago!
Man, I was fucking this skeezer and couldnt nutt because the gizzy was too potent . Ex. gizzy dick
#pill #oc #perk #vike #xanni
by motha fucka 69 June 13, 2010
chronic misspelling in online social chat
14:46:14 Vl4d Tepes > and just realised i have been spelling pancakes like a retard

14:46:41 Vl4d Tepes > i came over all Gizzy for a moment there
#dyslexic #misspell #spelling #fail #retarded
by WTB-random May 22, 2011
nicknamed used on a person when you like them a lot, or goin out wit them, like sweetie or baby
"sarah is sean's gizzy"
by ~*AnGeLbAbE*~ February 26, 2003
Another expression that means something like the following:
Solid. Sweet. Awesome. Oh yeah!
We have 5 kegs tonight? GIZZY!
You had a threesome? GIZZY!
Free food? GIZZY!
by GizzyMan September 02, 2005
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