A ridiculously vacuous phrase most often uttered by white middle-class suburbanites and lower-class city dwellers to express an imaginary connection with the country or cowboy lifestyles. Most often used in reference to a task, since it is a take on "get her done," meaning to finish a job, primarily something associated with blue-collar work. The biggest fans of this phrase and its subsiquent cultural niche are those who either have never lived on a farm, never seen a cow, or are unhealthily obsessed with country music. They most often drive pick-up trucks that they don't actually haul anything in, but like to rig out with winches and toolboxes as if they've got important things to do. Similar to poser and cowboy up.
Cleatus: "Gotta go 'round old man Miller's ranch and git them irrigation pipes."
John Boy: "Let's git er done."

Suburban whitey 1: "Hey, you want to help me install this 200 dollar tool box into my overpriced and ridiculously big pick-up that I only have to haul the groceries home and make me feel better about my small penis?"

Suburban whitey 2: "Let's git er done."
by Eric in NE March 01, 2006
The latest, most irritating slang term today that is sweeping over parts of the US like a plague. Only rednecks, cowboys, stars of The Blue Collar Comedy Tour, The Sons of Confederate Veterans, and other total freaks say this. I will be relieved when this idiotic phrase is finally burned out, hopefully in the next two years.
I think the fact that they named that "movie" the Blue Collar Comedy Tour is quite insulting to actual middle and lower-class citizens who fall under the Blue Collar status and live in Northern states and cities. Now many morons out there will expect EVERY blue-collar person being like those Southern, redneck-talkin jackasses on that movie.
by Journey Fan September 15, 2004
The stupidest phrase ever coined since crunk. This is a complete distortion of "Get It Done" as what all the other normal people say. A few other impressionable people said it also until "Git Er Done" came around. It doesn't matter where I go, I always seem to hear it.
That Redneck said: "Git Er Done means that yur encouraging some guy to do something or congradulating 'em when they do it."

Then I said: "Saying Git Er Done means that you're retarded."
by The Kentucky Yankee September 15, 2004
Retardation in spoken form; pure and simple. This has to be the worst phrase ever created above all of the terms and phrases of the American slang.
If you say 'Git Er Done' please kill yourself.
by Dese Nuts September 15, 2004
A phrase commonly used by white rednecks or country boys. Actually has a deep history with white power beliefs. This phrase has also recently been put onto red white and blue bracelets to represent white power.
person: nice bracelet. What does it say?
redneck: git er done wp.
person: meaning?
redneck: WHITE POWER!
by ... May 07, 2005
Git er done! Ah am reeee-tarrrrded! Larry thuh Cable Guy said it was okay to use Git Er Done! Ahyuck, hyuck!
Git Er Done is a faggot-ass phrase.
by damyankee November 29, 2004
Just as all slangs go, it is slang for a certin group of people. Of course yankees and blacks woudnt like it...listen to the retarded things that come out of their mouths. I.E. Pimp, Nigga, O'Fay, etc...WTFO?
And to the shotgun in the face remark I say Try to get that done.

Other than that Git Er Done!!!
Git Er Done....Git Er Done....Git Er Done...Git Er Done...Git Er done
by AlabamaBoogieMan March 01, 2005
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