A term originally coined by the Riot Grrrl movement of the early 1990s, then hijacked by British pop group the Spice Girls, who famously used it as their motto, accompanied by raucous shouts and waved peace signs. It is thus associated with cod-feminism and the irritating shouts of ten-year-old girls.
Girl power! (peace sign, high kick, laughter)
by Seanio March 21, 2004
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A pop culture motto used to stitch feminism into young girls/teenagers. Supposed to promote sexual equality, even though it suggests that females have superior rights to males. Frequently used by females to annoy egalitarian males who try to keep everyone's voice and rights at an equal. My opinion: EVERYONE is equal, so Girl Power and Men's Health BOTH go to hell.
1. C'mon, go girl! Fight him with Girl Power!
2. This boy does not want to give up his tent! It's raining outside! Girl Power! Drag him out!
3. (Milan is giving a speech that justifies the Atheo-Humanist Doctrine)
Milan: ... If we can't unite as a whole, we shall not proceed... No triage is to be given in rights and services, for everyone, black or white, male or female, deserves them the same...
Girl: You're a faggot! You're saying that we can't get the service we need as GIRLS?
Milan: (I need a drink...)
by AMDFiend October 23, 2005
One of the least useful traits of the minor super hero Girlgirl.
There was nothing special about GirlGirl, until an unlikely accident with some toxic chemicals, a platypus and a hair brush gave her Girl Power: the incredible power to act like an ordinary girl.
by robcraine October 31, 2005
The extra bit of strength or energy you get when hot girls are watching you play sports.
Dude, I never would have caught that throw were it not for the girl power from those cheerleaders.
by Kevonius February 18, 2007
A T-shirt motto, or banner slogan claiming the power of young women on their life and on social existence in general. The Girl Power attitude expresses through an explicit self-affirmation program the general movement of feminization of our time.
Let's go Sandy, come on Kristel! Girls rule! Girls rule! Girl Power!
by Ysengrim January 01, 2004
the ability in all women to cook, clean, and take penis up the vagina
John: Dude, Sarah made me a sandwich while giving me a blow job last night!

Mike: Wow, thats some serious Girl Power
by colum4469 December 27, 2010
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