A form of avoidance by putting your head so far down that you look like a giraffe trying to pick up some grass off of the ground.
He was giraffing when he walked by her.
by KCBelieve November 09, 2010
Top Definition
Verb - the sneak attack make-out of a really tall guy, usually directed at a below average height girl.

Also, to giraffe or to be giraffed.
Watch out for Lawrence, he's known for giraffing when you least expect it.
by Uhura-song June 16, 2014
Making out with a girl that you are at least one foot taller than.
"Damn you see those two making out in the corner."
"Yeah man, he's straight giraffing her"
by Herkenham October 09, 2013
The act of swinging your head like a golf club and hitting another person in their chest or crotch
Invented In Morrisville New York by the coolest person ever
Dude im definatley Giraffing Dylan later. Oh nice make him cry hes so scrawny.
by TheOneAndOnlyMetz February 07, 2011
The act of two or more flaccid penises intertwining shafts, similar to two or more male giraffes' necks when fighting.
OMG, those hot guys are giraffing over there, let's get a closer look!
by GuilderSewWhat October 28, 2015
To stick a man's entire head into a woman's vagina. Most the time until her legs are flat on his shoulders
He stuck his whole head inside her, that's called giraffing
by alexanderthisdick May 24, 2015
To be in a mood where you want to sit in a corner and die! Comes from the fact that when you corner a Giraffe and threaten it, it lies down on the floor, closes it's eyes, and dies!

If you are Giraffing or Giraffed, you just cannot be bothered, no matter what the situation!
Hung over after a big night out and a mate wakes you up at 7am to ask you to help clear up;

'I can't'
'I'm so badly Giraffing (draffin') bro!'
by TomWillBillOZ13 June 30, 2013

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