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An ugly little nigga. Buys expensive things and doesn't take care of them. He acts all tough because he cusses 24/7 but all he does is cry and grab other men's testicles. he has huge eyes that can probably see the underwear underneath your clothes. He also has a squeaky voice that you would mistake for Mickey fucking Mouse.
"wow that nigga is a dick!"
"Yeah! Such a Giovanni!"
by mardizzle January 03, 2014
That bitch in Pokémon: Special Pikachu Edition (A.K.A Yellow Version) that is the eighth gym leader and the Team Rocket™ leader, you know the guy with the Persian, that cat Pokémon.
Jill: Hey Bill, Did you beat Giovanni yet?
Bill: That dude with the cat Pokémon?
Jill: Yeah.
Bill: No he's so hard!
Jill: That's what she said.
Bill: Hey Jill, Want to have sex?
Jill: OMG! Bill YES!!! Fuck me hard!!!!!
by Pimpythequick June 23, 2010
A guy who will be really nice and cool and then will move to florida,start doing drugs never talk to you again.
what a loser i can't believe i ever trusted that giovanni
by oginalag October 09, 2011
Usually the name of the greatest bird in the world. A "Giovanni" might even come to you when you call it's name... This type of bird, even after getting kicked in the ass twice, will still want to come hang out and eat your cookies.
Hey Tanner, are we going to go eat outside?

Yea, and while we are out there, we can go feed Giovanni and take turns making love to him.
by Imakelovetobirds December 08, 2009
Little things that slow you down from skateboarding, or just things that angers ones emotions or feelings
patches or holes in the skater's shoes is an example of a giovanni

word used in a sentence: Oh poor Johnny, fell off his skateboard after running over a giovanni(in this case its a pebble).

by Bry-Rex January 27, 2009
a sub teacher that lives with his mom and plays xbox all day, and comb his arm hair. and maybe back hair. don't know and don't want to noe.
giovanni lets play xbox. no i cant cuz i got to try to get hair on my bald spot nd comb my arm hair
by mrs. mavilla March 26, 2009
IT person for Financial Aid.. Writes checks his ass can’t cash. Has ego the size of Montana. Dreams of driving a Pinto.
I hate that Giovanni, and his pinto.
by Alondo August 29, 2008