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Originaly used to prove that no mater what you said to someone, to sound cool, it would be picked up and used as the cool new word, no matter how dumb it sounded. This was tested on an unsuspecting teen in the min 90's and was proven successful. The actual term was meant to describe the intended "followers" facial structure. The term "Gin" and "Spil" are the actual descriptions of the target subject. When spelled backwards they point out the large "Lips" of the subject who would attempt to be a "Nig" or his lips were large in size as of that of a african-american male. When the subject was introduced to this term, he belived it was a "cool person" and that it was a greeting, as in "What's up Ginspil?" Unbeknownsed he was in fact Ginspil, and by repeating the word, he was confirming that he was in fact a follower and also making fun of his own facial structure. The term is now used purely in referance to the moment in time in which this test took place, and to extract laughter during times of saddnes.
"What's up Ginspil"
"Ginspil, ha ha ha!"
by Buzz Killjoy May 08, 2004
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