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Public nuisance
Awww, dude, quit being such a Gingy, we're in a fancy restaurant!
by FurryFanFTW May 05, 2010
a boy that has red hair, pale skin, nasty freckles, and no muscle mass. often coughs while laughing. must always be refered to as gingy. NEVER refer to them with their given name.
gingy: hi my names mac.
normal: shut the fuck up gingy.
by nazilover April 25, 2008
the unexplainable thing that completes your sentence
my hair got all gingy after not washing it for days, but it still looked clean

the gingy in the fridge smells, i don't know what it is
by poodle August 15, 2004
A person who drinks Listerine or other mouthwash that contains alcohol, or the drink itself. Derived from gingivitis. Used in Northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
Gingies hang out in that house.
Give me some warm water to mix with my gingy.
by Andrew Ostrander March 18, 2006