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4 definitions by nazilover

One who highly enjoys the thrill of playing ULTIMATE FRISBEE. He plays very tight defence so BE CAREFUL. This "pepino" often has tomato spots on his face most often in the sideburns area.
i was with brian yesterday and he asked me to play ultimate frisbee with him. then he asked to have sex with my grandpa. it turns out he was just a pepino.
by nazilover April 29, 2008
a boy that has red hair, pale skin, nasty freckles, and no muscle mass. often coughs while laughing. must always be refered to as gingy. NEVER refer to them with their given name.
gingy: hi my names mac.
normal: shut the fuck up gingy.
by nazilover April 25, 2008
An individual that likes to please his mother in the bedroom. Sometimes things get so wild that the DeHart's jeans get tore up.
Brian was being a DeHart last night with his mom. his jeans got ripped up like a muthafucka
by nazilover April 29, 2008
Someone who groans, similarly to the moaning during male masterbation ejaculation, while playing tennis. They would like to think that every tennis ball is an old man's furry balls.
Clint: Ooh Uber shot!
normal: I'm going to quit tennis now because of you, Tennis fag
by nazilover April 29, 2008