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A necessary intervention performed by friends or family, to rescue someone who has found themselves "partnered up" with a person of the red-headed persuasion, a.k.a. "a ginger."
Sally: "Did you see the soulless Fanta-pants Joy brought to dinner last night?"

Joe: "I sure did - time for a Gingervention, methinks."
by venus_iscariot April 23, 2011
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it is what a lame ginger needs when they can't deal with their ginger awesome ness... they dye their hair and cover their freckles with makeup. it's just not right.
hailey:i just dyed my hair brown
adam:u need an intervention
matt: jenn dyed her hair too, they both need gingerventions!
by thtkidmatt February 28, 2011
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