When a Gingerkid interacts with you, often to either spread 'gingervitis' or to simply try to steal your soul.

People who experienced this often compares it to being raped or molested.

Can also be used when talking about a hot ginger (see Lindsay Lohan) you would like to have sex with.
1. Fuck man, that kid tried to ginger me, i'm glad i maneged to escape!

2. Officer, officer! I got gingered by that homeless guy, arrest him!

3.Oh damn! I'd wanna ginger Lindsay Lohan!
by Schlook March 25, 2010
Top Definition
The aftereffects of a sex act involving at least one female participant on her period. The act begins with the woman's partner lowering their head until the top of their head is in close proximity to the vulva (the women is generally standing). The woman proceeds to hump/ride their partners head to climax, in the process of which their bloody secretions end up in their partner's hair. This turns their partner's hair red, making them a de facto ginger.
"Did you dye your hair?"

"Nah, my girlfriend gingered me last night and I forgot to take a shower."
by rbdpawprnt January 03, 2010
When a guy with a beard eats a chick out who's on her period.
Dude, I just got gingered!
by rhealist August 08, 2015
The act of getting your soul sucked from someone that is a ginger.
"He got gingered last night, and hasn't been the same since."

"Yeah, his soul has been sucked dry"
by Oscar The Penguin April 23, 2009
To find ginger pubes in your mouth after oral sex.
God I'm coughing hairballs all day, got seriousily gingered this morning
by Paudie Considine December 03, 2008
1. To pick on someone weak, then run away when somebody strong attempts to retaliate. From the "Eve-Online" (www.eve-online.com) MMORPG, in reference to a character, Ginger Magician, who became infamous for picking on newbies but running away and even logging out of the game when someone stronger than him fights back.

Same meaning as to "do a ginger"

My defenseless hauler got destroyed by a guy in a cruiser, but he totally gingered when I came back a few minutes later with my battleship.
by shagsthedustmop March 06, 2006

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