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For this act of debauchery you will need:
- a red-headed female
- Assorted candy
- One or more gentlemen

Blow your load on the red head's face and really rub it in, but not too much.
Artfully arrange the candy as you would on a gingerbread house.
I gingerbread housed your mom last night.
by ShamieD December 02, 2010
Gingerbread House : Bank
"Hey Bob, I'm going to the gingerbread house."
"Okay.. can you pick me up some bread."
by theatregeek4life November 08, 2013
the sexual positions sometimes referred to as an Eiffel Tower only performed by multiple redheads.
Mike and Todd and made a gingerbread house out of Jan
by darkwes December 21, 2014
A house that has so many Christmas lights that it lights up the whole street.
Wow, check out that gingerbread-house. They must have pretty high electric bills.
by martha-vh December 25, 2011
(n.) a red-headed child's home that was unfortunately attacked by the infamous Bread Monster.
that poor ginger. he's got a Gingerbread House now! darn bread monster..
by Bichmo3 December 23, 2009
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