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For this act of debauchery you will need:
- a red-headed female
- Assorted candy
- One or more gentlemen

Blow your load on the red head's face and really rub it in, but not too much.
Artfully arrange the candy as you would on a gingerbread house.
I gingerbread housed your mom last night.
by ShamieD December 02, 2010
The Stevie Wonder is a 5 step process.

1-Give a man a blowjob.

2-Let him ejaculate in your mouth.

3-When he's not expecting it, spit the ejaculate into his eyes, severely blinding and disorienting him.

4-Grab a blunt object and hit him in the mouth. Make sure you knock all his teeth out.

5-While the man is on his hands and knees feeling around for his teeth, defecate on him.

If done properly he will now look exactly like Stevie Wonder
My boyfriend was being a real jerk so I Stevie Wonder-ed him!
by ShamieD December 02, 2010

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