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For this act of debauchery you will need:
- a red-headed female
- Assorted candy
- One or more gentlemen

Blow your load on the red head's face and really rub it in, but not too much.
Artfully arrange the candy as you would on a gingerbread house.
I gingerbread housed your mom last night.
by ShamieD December 02, 2010
Gingerbread House : Bank
"Hey Bob, I'm going to the gingerbread house."
"Okay.. can you pick me up some bread."
by theatregeek4life November 08, 2013
A house that has so many Christmas lights that it lights up the whole street.
Wow, check out that gingerbread-house. They must have pretty high electric bills.
by martha-vh December 25, 2011
(n.) a red-headed child's home that was unfortunately attacked by the infamous Bread Monster.
that poor ginger. he's got a Gingerbread House now! darn bread monster..
by Bichmo3 December 23, 2009