someone who gives oral sex to someone with ginger pubes
that nick is gingerbeard
by dox89 October 11, 2006
Top Definition
A dude with brown, black, or blonde hair, who when he grows a beard, it is entirely red, or red in patches.

A man with a red beard is not an official ginger because he need not be pale, freckled, or be without a soul.

The most obvious gingerbeards are guys with black or dark hair that have random patches of red hair in their facial hair.

Also common is a beard that is entirely red, that awkwardly meets the different colored hair around the area of the sideburns.
Randy: Hey! look at that guy's beard, its bright red! that's weird because the rest of his hair is black.

Eric: That's a gingerbeard dumbass.

Connie: Wow, that's odd.

Rick: Yeah, why does he have a red beard when his natural hair color is obviously black?
Marjory: But he's not a ginger!
Rick: But that is fo sho a gingerbeard.

Son: Mom, hy does that guy have a red goatee and black beard?
Mom: Son, that's a gingerbeard, hopefully you'll be lucky enough to not become one someday.
by Frank Coluccio November 17, 2009
Having facial hair that is primarily red or ginger in color, despite not having red hair anywhere else on your body; Ginger beard is a common condition amongst men of beard-growing age.
Ex. My buddy Mike is doing No Shave November. I never knew he was a ginger beard!
by My cousin Mufasa November 28, 2010
The classic look exhibited by the man, myth, and legend known as Bryan Michael Wright. Until recently, this Wonder of the World was able to grow uninhibited in its natural habitat on the face of Mr. Wright. However, a recent change in his relationship status has resulted in the shaving, trimming, grooming, and cultivating of the most important piece of facial hair on Earth, the beard of Big Bryan Wright.
Remember when Bryan looked really cute...yeah, it was when he had his GINGER BEARD.
by Sam (Will) the Eagle October 07, 2011
A woman with red pubic hair
I always wondered if Sally was a real red head, when I went down on her and saw that ginger beard I had no more doubts.
by Morbidtiger October 04, 2010
Generally strawberry blonde colored facial hair. Either blondes or "red heads" can have ginger beards. Ginger beards tend to make people look like leprechauns and should be avoided at all costs.
Me: GINGER!!! (punches friend)

Friend: Dude, that guy needs to get rid of that ginger beard, keep walking around like that and he's gonna get mugged for his pot of gold!
by melaniebegeman August 15, 2011
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