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A soothing beverage to calm a jittery stomach. Great to ease queasy stomach discomfort.
Canada Dry is the greatest chilled over lots of ice.
Gosh I feel icky, I am gonna get me some Ginger Ale.
by Cathie February 26, 2004
A delicious beverage made from fermented ginger roots that can also help soothe a stomach ache.
After getting indigestion from eating Chinese food, a cup of ginger ale calmed the belly down faster than Tums.
by AYB October 20, 2003
Ginger-flavored pop, tastes good.
I love ginger ale. Especially Canada Dry
by Saints September 22, 2003
Vernor's or nobody's.
Vernor's is the ginger ale that tastes like you're drinking a ginger snap.
by Downstrike May 26, 2004
When a Red Headed Male uranates on someone.
Tigger gave Adam some old fashion Ginger Ale
by Woody Rocket May 22, 2008
As heard on Katy Perry's 'Last Friday Night': "Think I need a ginger ale. That was such an epic fail."

Exclamation: Epic fail.

Noun: A metaphorical drink that is needed after doing something exceptionally stupid or lame.
I was trying to do a double backflip on my BMX the other day, but I bailed hard. Ginger ale!

I need a tall glass of ginger ale because I just wrote off my car.
by 0verlord1304 August 11, 2011
A slightly ambiguous substance which has a taste factor of about 5.5 out of isn't really a great drink but it has it's ups and downs...not eveyrone in the world can TRULY despise ginger ale, however I've noticed that quite of the older crowd (my grandma and her buds) all seem to enjoy it.
Yo CLAYTON R. loves ginger ale!! ahahahahaha hwat a freak:P!
by Joe Strain February 03, 2006
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