Often used as term to describe a redheaded, souless, and freckled person. This term is developing as a derogatory phrase and the same rules as nigger are beginning to apply.

A ginger may only be called 'Ginger' by other gingers. It is not socially acceptable for people outside of this small group to call a redheaded person a ginger to their face. Behind their back is acceptable, although one must be sure a daywalker is near by, as they are often confused of their status and sometimes will take offense.

The reason for this growing discrimination awareness is the recent discovery of mass ginger extermination during the Witch Trails. Discrimination against gingers can be considered even more unacceptable than racism.
White Guy: "Hey, ya ginger! You have no soul!"
Black Guy: "Yeah, ginger!"

*Silence of entire area.*

White Guy: "What did I do? A man can't say ginger around here?"
Black Guy: "Yeah, is God gonna smite us down or something?"

by Racte April 24, 2009
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Scottish word for carbonated soft drinks, especially in the west of Scotland.
Local shops would sell single glasses of ginger poured out of big bottles of Irn Bru and Tizer (but beware of Imitations, it had to be Barrs Irn Bru, Dunns was just not the same).
by DP JUAN September 10, 2006
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A person with red hair, pale skin, and freckles.

They are superior to all yet considered non-human.

They are aliens who came over from the red planet (Mars) on a space ship.

Gingers will someday rule the world.
gingers are anybody with red hair freckles and pale skin
by Ginger4lyfe June 02, 2009
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The one that's taller and sexier than the brunette farm girl.
Mary Anne is cute, but Ginger is gorgeous.
by Shroozleberry April 06, 2010
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someone with red hair usually pale skin and sometimes freckles.
according to southpark...
gingers without freckles don't have souls
gingers with freckles steal other people's souls.
it seems that everyone autimatically thinks gingers are irish....lol
some people are offended by the term ginger but i think most of us gingers just laugh it off cuz were just 2 awesome to give a shit anyway haha. xD
normal/boring person 1: ginger!
ginger: fuck u bitch haha

person 1: your a ginger
ginger: yeah...?
person 2: so your irish?
ginger: JUST BECUZ IM A GINGER DOESNT MAKE ME IRISH! well actually i *AM* irish but thats not my point...

*me sees fellow ginger*
by thisismynameheehee February 26, 2011
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Not just a physical attribute, it's a way of life.
by Gingrrsnap July 18, 2013
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A person with red-hued hair. It can be more specific, but people with just reddish hair and no freckles and a tan can be called Ginger. The Ginger stereotype is that they have no souls and are cranky. Gingers are made fun of out of jealously, since, unlike blondes or brunettes, a ginger hair is not the color of piss or shit.
Brunette: Ha-Ha! Ur a soulless Ginger bastard!
Ginger: at least my hair ain't the color of shit!
by Coralbeauty1022 September 12, 2011
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