A picture that was modified by GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). The word also describes the act of being fooled by a modified picture.
That's a GIMPed photo. You just got GIMPed by that fake picture.
by dcfighter September 20, 2012
Top Definition
The practice of making software run poorly on a compatitor's hardware.
nVidia's involvement in the development of Batman Arkham Asylum has gimped antialiasing performance on ATi hardware and PhysX performance on multicore CPUs. They should rebrand their developer relations program as nVidia: The Wat it's Meant to be Gimped.
by Initialised October 08, 2009
"messed up", "broken",
"that is gimped of you to cheat in pool"
by seth November 17, 2003
When a large system is brought down by a single lame part, that is constantly the source of repeated failure, the system is said to have been gimped. People always want to replace the gimp, but it cannot be replaced. Gimping can also be applied to team sports.
The whole server system was running fine until it was gimped by the xyz. AGAIN!
by Phil Motors September 29, 2007
Injury resulting in loss of movement.

esp. prevalent in online computer games such as GhR.
I just got shot in the leg. Shit, I'm gimped. Somebody kill me.
by Anonymous August 02, 2004
to have failed spectacularly at some endeavour
those people at ford totally gimped the pinto
by ultrix February 19, 2004
Hit,most commonly used to replaced a punch.
*man gets sucker punched in the face*
Bystander:"Damn,he just got gimped"


*man is watching to other men fight outside of the bar*

by T.Kazz May 15, 2009

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