When a person has an idea that gets many people involved in an event and then that person backs out, leaving everyone else hanging.
It was Mark's idea that we all commit to this 150 mile bicycle ride... then he pulled a gilmore.
by Howard L. Theriot December 06, 2007
Top Definition
A combination of ones bitch,whipping boy, and slave.
Person A:why is he always doing things for you
Person B: he's my gilmore
by Haraldojames November 18, 2013
1. a "wanksta", "wigger", or "white trash" and is made fun of constantly for being that
2.usually from a small town or farm
"Hey, Kenny...look at that kid! He must be confused! He's white trash! He must be a gilmore."
by dabo$$ December 16, 2009
a microwaveable douche.

(sometimes know as a Cooshi, deriving from Kashi)
DUDE! Martin..I was using my Gilmore last night and my lady was like lemme use that on my smelly coochy!
by Large Cock July 26, 2006
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