A self-centered, vain, bossy, annoying bitch who has teeth in her vagina.
Dude she is such a Gillian.
by littlered234 August 11, 2011
Top Definition
An amazing person inside, attractive, can be shy on the outside to new people but once you get to know them very outgoing and silly in a good way. Best friend to possibly have, never tells secrets. Sometimes insecure because others put them down. Gillian is a truly fun person to be around.
idk my bff gill....ian

Gillian is one of my greatest friends
by Gillian W April 07, 2008
Is the best friend every girl wants,all the guys want her, and all the girls want to be her.She is also very hot!Even though she is popular and on the rare occastion bitchy she is still your crazy bbfl!
Gillian and I are gonna go sneek out!
by wikibbfl09 September 04, 2009
A common Celtic name for a woman; the original/Gaelic spelling of the American name Jillian.
Ever wonder why Gillian Anderson is awsome? It's because she spells her name right.
by BrazilianCowboys February 06, 2010
a very lovely beutiful lady. A goddes of love. she makes all the guys happy.
guy 1 : wow that girl is such a gillian

guy 2 : yah i know
by bitser March 12, 2010
Freckley, cool, curvy goddess often with razor sharp wit and a stare that could cut steel if crossed. Fiercely loyal and protective of friends, she is the woman that you want fighting your corner.
Can and will drink most men under the table.
Was the sporty hilarious quick witted girl at school that all the girls wanted to be and all the boys fancied the arse off but didnt dare speak to for fear of a brush off.

Can look complete strangers up and down and make a spot on judgement within seconds
Did you see that woman give me the once over?
Yeah she totally Gillian'd you
by Gingersmut April 12, 2011
A funny, confident girl who enjoys eating expensive foods. A little disturbing at times...actually a lot disturbing...but in a good way. Beautiful and loves having fun
"Gillian is fantaburififabiloolzinglicious.

by katie o mcaw November 26, 2010
Very Sexual, loving , has a great body , and all the guys basically want to bang her. has great friends, but one wrong move made by them* she can get another group of friends in two seconds .

Is able to fuck your shit up in anyway she possibly can if you go the wrong way with her , her friends , or her family.
you better watch out for Gillian, if she sees you bothering her sister she might fuck you up.

Oh look Gillians over there with her boyfriend, making out ... again.
by HAHAHA37398203932 August 26, 2010

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