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A golden or gold plated dildo. Short for "gilded dildo".
Paris Hilton, being a woman of considerable wealth, was satisfied by only the most resplendent gildos.

Overuse of a gildo can lead to heavy metal poisoning.
by physicslol March 14, 2011
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common name for one with so many dicks up ones butt that he walks funny, short for "garage of dildos"
CJ says your a gildo
by Sheeshai November 20, 2003
It is a condo or abode in the mountains where one goes to enjoy a weekend of skiing and tantric sex.
Man, I can't wait to use the gildo this weekend with my top dudes.

Hey, wanna come back to the gildo?
by koccaine kev January 04, 2011
A gildo is a dildo for gays who are unfortunate enough to have small penises. It is specially designed for anus insertion, generally of a more morbid texture but mantaining the same rigidity as the commonly used didlo. It is a quite common toy for older and mature gays mainly in their forties and fifties, who are more likely to experience lack of erection.
Gay 1: "I no longer prefer my partner's penis in my ass, a gildo is much better these days."

Gay 2: "Agreed. It's just awesome and the best for a longer orgasm."
by Dallas5 October 26, 2011
a refernce to gilly depoorter for being the ladies man
gildo is a hot mamma
by gilly depoorter November 14, 2003

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