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The small, frail, yellow, but highly intelligent, round body creatures of the planet Roffal. The Giggl'ns are far more sophisticated in the ancient art of comedy, and they devote their life to achieving Halol.

Their bodies are round, and they have a small, ovular head with big, black eyes, and a perpetual, massive grin across their face, revealing thin, goofy looking teeth. They walk of large, flat, duck-like feet, and possess two frail arms, each with two, long fingers and a thumb. Giggl'ns are said to be constantly giggling very lightly, (thus, they are laughing literally all the time). They are around 5 feet tall, and are physically weak. They communicate with each other telepathically, although some high pitched squeals are used as well, (though they never lose their grin). Their bodies are completely yellow, with only occasional brown spots, brought about by age. They possess no hair, and never wear clothes. They're reproductive habits are unknown. despite this goofy appearance, they are far smarter than any human, but still devote their lives to achieving Halol.

They long ago used up all of the resources, (fossil fuels, soil, animals, plants, etc.), on the tiny land-masses of their planet, and have continued their work under the sea in massive bio-domes. It is unknown what they eat, as they are never seen doing it, and they might take in all their nutrients from their chemical-rich air, (those same chemicals cause their oceans and their skin to be yellow).

Their numbers dropped shortly before retreating to the sea, most likely due to a failed attempt at the lolocalypse.
Those Giggl'ns will pay for the tragedies we have endured...

~ Benjamin Franklin
by Quacker1 January 28, 2008

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