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Past member of the band Marilyn Manson. His name comes from the Gidget from a popular T.V program, and Ed Gein, cannible.
Gidget rocked, but he is no longer with the band. ;_;
by Freak Obscene April 16, 2004
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Former and founding member of the band Marilyn Manson who informed most of the early look and feel. Currently a visual artist living in Los Angeles. Founder of Gollywood, an artistic "hootenanny" featuring live acts, visual art and interaction. Also a designer of street fashion and all around pop culture personality. Check out www.gidgetgein.com for more.
Gidget Gein was quoted as saying, "Some people say they are driven. I feel like I'm being chased."
by Hydra March 24, 2005
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