When your just on your way, not just a travel destination but just anywhere.
When something is just going your way!
Snowman: Another round?
YoNoid: Giddyup
by Foug March 28, 2003
The sound a man makes when having sexual intercourse doggystyle with a girl that has braided hair long enough to be held like the reigns of a horse.
"Man, in the heat of the moment, all I could do was grab her hair and scream giddyup as I ejaculated into her."
by GeneralHummel November 30, 2009
as used by Ed Brierly commonly to show affection to his emploees who do him a good jog at Checker Motors Corporation

also the name of his Harley.
"I can get it done Boss."

by cmarkin January 21, 2005
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