To make rude or harsh anti-Semitic remarks. Mel Gibson
I can't believe the way she Gibsonized him!
by ljkievlan August 01, 2006
To take a story that originally had a small bit of violence or bloodshed in it, and exaggerate it into a resplendent blood bath. Said because virtually all of Mel Gibson's movies have had gallons of blood with gruesome violence.
Murron to Braveheart:Today I fell off my skateboard and cut my knee on the pavement and a few drops of blood came out.
Braveheart to Murron's parents:Well she fell off her skateboard and severed a major artery and painted the pavement red, so I cut her throat with my fingernail and grabbed her by her feet and twirled her around to ensure good blood coverage.
Murron to Parents:Braveheart! Don't Gibsonize the story!
by Wm. Wallace The Freedom Fighter January 09, 2008

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