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To be unfairly struck, like a rock in the back of the head by someone or something that you respected, trusted, and were loyal to. The striker generally is doing it to protect their own turf or to avoid being found out for what they are.
The mortgage bank that was pushing extreme financing was suddenly fired with others that were protecting the institutions reputation by questioning the safety of the products. These people that were looking out for the bank were Gibraltared.
by Fake-Worth July 27, 2009
To be in a state of inebriation following the use of marijuana.
Dude, me and my friends hotboxed my Buick and got out of the car trippin. We were fully gibraltared and ready to destroy the SATs.
by theBuss February 22, 2011
For a man to score but not convert, because she has a boyfriend that she neglected to tell you right away.
Aghh... That Damn girl just Gibraltared me.
by Team Gimp June 23, 2005

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