Gianna is someone who will be very loyal. She's often shy when you first meet her, however when you get to know her you'll have trouble making her shut up. She often sits back and lets her friend get the guys, but she's really just waiting for her prince. If you find a Gianna do NOT let her go or you will live to regret it. Gianna is an amazing friend but if you piss her off she will avoid you, but it's only because she doesn't want to be in a bad mood. Giannas are often very pretty but will never believe they are. They also tend to let others put them down
"wow Gianna thanks for being there"
"yea my girlfriend is Gianna"
"I'm so stupid for making Gianna mad"
"I miss Gianna, I want her as my bestfriend again"
by music lover 101 March 27, 2013
The best person ever lived. She has so many talents and is a jock. Anyone who's with her is the luckiest person in the world.
Look, our Gianna has made the day!
by divawriter27 April 15, 2013
An amazing, beautiful, talented, gorgeous, funny, smart, sensitive girl. She loves art and likes to play soccer. Her favorite musical instrument are the drums. She is a kind and caring girl. She is very thoughtful. Gianna is the girl who likes to share her art with everyone.
Gianna is an artist.

She is sensitive and loving.
by GuardianAngels March 01, 2013
This girl is satan. She thinks she's so cool when really people are just using her for everything. She tries to make everyone's life miserable. She has balls the size of Montana and is not scared to call you out on something. If I knew a Gianna, I would be pretty scared.
Dude1: bitch you aren't invited to my party because you're not a cool as me
Dude2: hey man chill stop being such a Gianna
by Coolsophia9 October 22, 2014
they bangest of gustovos momis.
Hey hows Gustavo's mom? IDK let's ask giannas.
by ask ur mom October 27, 2004
1. Someone who is really cool.
2. Their glass is often empty.
3. Often like to visit mountains.
"OH MY GOD, that girl is such a Gianna."

"My glass is empty, such a Gianna."

"Were going to climb Everest, right on Gianna."
by WhatTheHeck February 20, 2012
A big ol' creepy virg who wears water shoes to the beach
Looks like a big ol' virg... looks like Gianna
by tcandystripe July 07, 2011

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