A typical name used in the Indian community specially punjabi.
Used as a term to describe a punjabi female around the age of 15-24. used in the context as Gagan Is Amazing.
What do you think about that girl?
Check that girl out..
Yea she is GIA
by marknweb December 27, 2007
Top Definition
A girl who is really hot has a nice personality and looks for peace
have you seen gia?
oh that one girl thats really nice?
ya that one
by annelia April 18, 2009
Gia is usually a really sweet and understanding girl. She is quite hard to piss off yet extremely forgiving. Even though she is kind she is still strong, skilled, and fast, most people would call her a true badass.

She is very beautiful and has gorgeous natural hair and eyes, but she is not snobby or uses it to her advantage to be 'popular' she is quite the opposite of how some people she her, she is fun loving energetic, weird, and creative, also sharing a love for anything adventures and has to do with outside. Another great quality is that she could care less about all the hate, just don't say something bad about her friends. If you ever have a Gia in your life don't let her slip away because she is the best girlfriend for you guys or the best friend with amazing listening skills, and the best advice for you girls.
Girl: I just meet this girl today, she was so sweet and caring and gave me the yes advice when she kindly listened to what I had to say!
Guy: Oh you must be talking about my wonderful girlfriend, Gia.
by evermore2626262626265656 September 08, 2013
-dude magnet
-always happy
-crazy imagination and great sense of adventure
-loves outdoors
-beautiful eyes
"Hey did you see that girl the other day? She is an awesome rock climber!"
"Oh you must be talking about Gia."
by werewolflover August 04, 2013
A hella hot girl with a huge, nice chest. Can be found being awesome in Las Vegas, NV.
Guy #1: Who was that hot girl at the party saturday night?

Guy #2: The one with the big chest?

Guy #1: Hell yeah, that one. What's her name?

Guy #2: You must be talking about Gia.
by PUNISHER in LV May 30, 2008
A girl that badass and loves rock metal and almost all music expect country. Is really sexy as well. Isn't very peaceful. But is awesome to be around. Is always taken by some fag doe.
Guy: Holy crap look how sexy Gia looks today
Guy 2:Dude she has a boyfriend as always
Guy: Damn it
by Giahemmingsbitch October 16, 2014
Gia is a person who is really beautiful spectacular and awesome. She is usually filled with joy and happiness. But can also be filled with anger and hatred if you talk smack about Harry Styles (especially if you call him gay) but don't worry because the other side of her is more common than the other oneπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Man, that girl is being a gia today.
by the underwear bandit February 21, 2015
exclamatory term for yes.
used when made with excitement.
gives you a funny accent?!
wanna go play video games?
by Paul "the mijo" A. June 03, 2003

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