A typical name used in the Indian community specially punjabi.
Used as a term to describe a punjabi female around the age of 15-24. used in the context as Gagan Is Amazing.
What do you think about that girl?
Check that girl out..
Yea she is GIA
by marknweb December 27, 2007
Gia also happens to mean "the greatest turkey" along with kayber
The name Gia came about whilst playing squash at Lexden. How cool.
"Who is GROOVY?"
by Gia April 07, 2005
gia the same like g,so it means gangster
he is a real o gia!
he is a real gangsta'!
by giaaa May 08, 2007
Armed Islamic Group.
A terrorist organization of Islamic extremists whose violent activities began in 1992; aims to overthrow the secular Algerian regime and replace it with an Islamic state
the GIA has embarked on a terrorist campaign of civilian massacres.
by freeworld44 April 07, 2009
A really nice person! Sometimes so nice it is sickening. This type of girl listens to a lot of Classical music. That girl who hates the color black. Hates swearing. A girl like this is known as a goodie goodie, perfectionist, or non descript.
Eww your wearing black?!

Your such a Gia!
Hey Hold the language!

Hey stop being such a Gia!
by randomish July 29, 2009

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