When smoking a bong; a draw is taken, the mouth piece is then covered, leaving some smoke inside the billy. After holding in the draw, and exhailing, the ghosty can be sucked in to increase the hit of the initial draw.

Some people believe that the ghosty is what gets you stoned, but that cannot be accurately confirmed.
*Takes draw* "Quick! Save the ghosty, it's the best bit!"

"I greened out from a ghosty once!"
by Chisai-Sakura February 01, 2008
you have a very good mate to help...

Bring a girl back to your room and proced to have sex from behind, ensure she is facing away from the door and window....half way through allow your mate to take over whilst you slip outside, walk round to the window and knock away...as she turns around to see your face outside realising what is happening...
I was with this guy last night, mid session I heard the door, thought nothing of it until I heard a knocking turned around to see a stranger behind me and the guy waving at the window!!!Ghosty
by ghosty123 May 27, 2009
a word made by the internet, anything labeled or called ghosty represents the pinnacle of epicness.

resubi and soundkiller are similar words.

resy and soundy are mixes of the three words
wow, that shit's ghosty.
by james hubert engelbert April 26, 2009
A Battlefield 1942 clan led by |Ghost|PrivateRodent
and |Ghost|PickledDungHeap
and |Ghost|Antares
Hey those Ghosty faggots just team killed me
by |Ghost|PrivateRodent November 28, 2004
A Battlefield 1942 clan led by |Ghost|PrivateRodent
and |Ghost|PickledDungHeap
and |Ghost|Antares
Hey those ghosty faggots just team killed me!
by |Ghost|PrivateRodent November 29, 2004
Ghosties are the dead souls of Toast soldiers that failed to reach level nine rank in Call Of Duty Ghosts, they often try 360 no scoping to hunt their prey, but they fail miserable since they're toast and have no fingers, toes, eyes, noses, ears, hands, legs, or any other body parts.
Oh shit the ghosties are back and they are no scoping even faster.
by NinjaTodd January 17, 2015
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