The act of lowering the drivers seat all the way back and hot boxing the car simultaneously; thus your car will appear to have a ghosts driving it.
"Aye bruh i got a big ass blunt, tryna Ghost Ride The Whip?
by dabmasterx November 01, 2013
In terms of the sex act:
When having anal sex with a woman, the man sticks a dildo in her ass (i.e. leaving the keys in the ignition), and the woman crawls around on all fours as the man dances around her.
Keep crawling bitch, I'm trying to ghost ride the whip!
by Bambilla September 16, 2010
Jumping out of a moving scraper and dance next to the car while yelling KMEL lyrics.
To Ghost ride the whip is when a Hyphy ass pred-head, stunner shades wearer pops out of his mob bucket while it is coasting down 164th Avenue at about 5 miles per hour. The outmate will C-walk while throwing up what ever set he deems fit all while keeping up with the car he is driving so it doesn't get away.
by Blue Meanie April 20, 2006
Ghost ride the whip is to slow your car down to around 5 mph or something and then put it into cruise-control and then continue onto opening your door while the car is still in motion and to go dumb right next to your car while it is still in cruise control and whilst you are going dumb and keeping up with your car or scraper.
I like to Ghost ride the whip when my parents aren't home because I can steal the keys to my scraper.
by Alville April 03, 2006
"Ghost Ride the whip" is a phrase to describe a super Hyphy NorCal Sheik using Sheik's Amazing F-B move in order to own it's opponents.
damn that sheik just did a "ghost ride the whip"
by 133787987978 December 11, 2006
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