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Ghost Whisperer is he name of a tv series. According to Longman English Dictionary, “Chinese Whispers” is “the passing of information from one person to another, and then to others, when the information gets slightly changed each time”. In the TV series, Melinda Gordon is the one who can see and listen to the ghosts and pass the information to whom it concerns, and she always does a good job.
Melinda Gordon is the ghost whisperer and helps the ghosts to cross over.
by A Guy from Guaratinguetá April 11, 2009
An act of oral sex in which a white bedsheet is placed over the penis prior to insertion into the mouth. After some time, the sheet will become wet with saliva and adhere to the penis. This will cause the penis to look like a spooky ghost.
Sally gave me a ghost whisperer last night for Halloween. It was pretty spooky!
by Captain Manners October 20, 2010
Person who tries to fart quietly while receiving oral sex.
That ghost whisperer knows how to ruin a good time!
by Joe Tonigh September 04, 2010
When a man blows his load in a womans mouth and she whispers the word "boo" into his ear and fills it with cum.
Sorry dude your going to have to speak up- i can't hear very well out of my left ear today- my girlfriend gave me the ghost whisperer.
by TheNigtasticRapist March 31, 2009
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