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the act of ejeculating inside a sailor's bloody anus.
last night i gave scott a longman.
by Rachel Castillo July 10, 2008
A longman is typically an individual who chooses to elongate a particular task for the purposes of irritation or general ignorance of surroundings. This keeps with a popular emerging British tradition to add man or similar as a suffix to a regular verb to form a compound word such as 'fuckboy, wasteman, roadman'.

In Lehman's terms a longman is a man/women who takes overly long at any given situation with total disregard for responsibility.
'Longman' Luke: Sup man we still meeting for 9 later?
Jack: We said 7 mate , me and James are already heading to the pub
Luke: Sorry mate Im just chilling at the moment i cant get a lift until later
Jack: Stop being a 'longman' and walk you lazy ball bag
by Onyxspected420 July 14, 2016
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