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The unification of urban and hardcore cultures into one culture/lifestyle, specifically related to music and fashion.

Characterized by: Tattoos, Custom Nike dunks, Studded Belts, Custom Belt Buckle, Hardcore Band T Shirt, Bape Hoody. iTunes playlist goes from As I Lay Dying to Chamillionaire.
You see that dude at the Despised Icon show? He was rockin' orange dunks, an Animosity shirt, and a diamond belt buckle!! F'in Ghettocore!
by Josh Arnold November 01, 2007
Something or someone being super ghetto is ghettocore. Or someone just amazing.
I love that girls hair. Its just so crazy and ghettocore.
by Warrior Princess December 16, 2006
for something to be ghetto the the maxxx. (Super cool)
"That kids shirt is amazing."
"Yea, its so ghettocore"
by Lexi Nicole December 30, 2006
when something is in fact ghetto to its core
Patman's boots were fucking ghettocore, then I tripped and almost fell.
by Juan November 11, 2004
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