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A subculture that arose in the late 00's/early 10's in New York City. Created by Venus X and her warehouse parties that came to be called GH3TT0 G0TH1K. Recently, Rihanna has used the hashtag #ghettogoth to describe her looks on instagram and has claimed that she had invented it.
"Did Rihanna invent ghettogoth?"
"No, her stylist stole that shit from Venus X"
#ghetto #goth #ghettogoth #ghettogothik #gh3tt0 g0th1k #rihanna #venus x #ghetto goth #normcore #seapunk #raves #nyc
by eca de queiroz July 03, 2014
a welfare enhanced urbanised Goth belonging to the insane clown posse division of gangster,
those ghetto goths are worse than Choolaghs(mexican Gnagstetrs)
#ghetto goth #getto goth #gothic gangster #ghetto gothic #getoo gothic
by Timothy Heacock July 10, 2008
An oddly harmonious style, blending elegant, urban and gothic looks. Described as "all the aspects of looking like the typical “thug” but if they were in a Marilyn Manson music video." Several examples of this style can be seen modelled by Rihanna, on her @badgalriri Instagram.
Rihanna has taken to this style, ghetto goth, recently. See her @badgalriri Instagram
#ghettogoth #ghetto #goth #styles #elegant-urban #rihanna
by funnigyrl. September 16, 2013
A person who wears baggy clothes (usually black) with holes in them. Their clothes of choice include crappy ICP shirts and that's about it.
Kid 1 "Dude that kid is so ghettogoth looking"

Kid 2 "Yeah I know he should shoot himself"

Kid 1 and 2 together "lol"
#ghetto #goth #icp #trash #ugly
by zosoIV August 26, 2006
A person who mixes Hip Hop style with the Gothic style. We usually listen to Acid rap bands such as NATAS. We are also known for our hatred of emo fags. Most of the time we are satanic.
Ghetto Goth: Whats up?
Emo: I hate my life, I need to cut...
Ghetto Goth: Dude, you are such a fuckin fag!
Emo: (crying) Why do u always make fun of me?(tear tear)
Ghetto Goth: (pulls out gun and shoots emo)
#ghetto goth #ghettogoth #ghettogothic #ghetto gothic #acid rap
by Garrett ghetto goth May 08, 2007
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