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A sandwich that consists of nothing but two pieces of white bread and unsweetened kool aid powder.
"Yo son, this ghetto sandwich be bland as fuck, pass me dem nutrasweet packets you found in the dumpster."
by Stillheart March 14, 2013
A lunch served in the ghetto. It involes straight up cheese with mayonnaise spread on it. Found in Naptown.
Mainly in St.marys Lunch Room is a ghetto sandwich eaten and mocked.
by Unknown282828 September 26, 2007
A type of sandwich that consists of a slice of cheese wrapped around a large portion of deli meat. No bread. Common in regions throughout Ontario.
"We were late for class, so I fixed myself a ghetto sandwich"
by Brad Reid February 23, 2010
A sandwich consisting of peanut butter and cheese. Can also be know as a poor man's sandwich.
Mitchell: Damn! I wanted to make a PB&J sandwich, but we're out of jam and all we got left is cheese and peanut butter.

Lindsay: Then make a Ghetto Sandwich.

Mitchell: Good idea.
by shake&bake December 31, 2008
mistake, accident, or otherwise unwanted outcome.
man grunts. expects a fart. ends up with a ghetto sandwich. when you think you'se be fartin' and you end up with some shit between yo' ass cheeks. gas bomb gone wrong (excess collateral damage). feel the horseradish. a particularly spicy shit.

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