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A sandwich that is prepared with cheese between two slices of bread then placed in a brown paper bag and cooked by pressing a hot iron over the bag.
After doing his laundry, a typical Riker's Island inmate will make a ghetto grilled cheese sandwich before unplugging the iron.
by boratfan September 08, 2009
Unethical or disloyal acts knowingly committed by employees that are done as payback toward management for unfair treatment and if discovered, would likely be subject them to termination and criminal charges. Takes its name from the film "Eight Men Out" which was based on the scandal that occured during the 1919 World Series in which eight Chicago White Sox players were involved in a gambling scheme to intentionally lose or throw the Series. Most of these players did so to deny team owner Charles Comiskey of a championship because of the miserly wages they were paid and other cost-cutting practices that he forced on them. The players were put on trial and acquitted of wrongdoing, but were permanantly banned from playing in the major leagues because of their actions.
In the film "office Space", the three disgruntled main characters pull an eight men out job by installing a computer virus that rounded off interest paid to depositors and transferred it into their own account.
by boratfan January 13, 2009
Someone that is attractive to the extent that you'd like to get in a hot tub or shower with for a potential sexual encounter.
There is a new girl at work that all the guys think is tubworthy.
by boratfan January 13, 2009
A person whose appearance gives the impression that he or she has a virus or contagious disease that can be spread through any sort of physical or sexual contact.
That skank with the tramp stamp is a walking infection, so I just stay away from her.
by boratfan April 19, 2009

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