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A Puerto Rican who has at least one (if not all) of the following characteristics: No edjucationado, cant speak no ingles, has five kids by five different fathers, is a size 20 and wears a size 5, speaks obnoxiously loud, listens to loud-ass horid spanish music with bass loud enough to emplode a building, is on welfare and buys tons of expensive shit that they don't need ghetto-fabulous including a stereo system and pimped out car--and then chooses to live in a one room apartment, smokes, does drugs, drinks, parties all the time, works a menial job, has sevaral STDs--due to thier promiscuity and would not wear a condom if you paid them, is violent by nature, follows the Christian faith (sometimes psychotically) and in other words, is a TYPICAL PUERTO RICAN!!!
Look around--the Ghetto Ricans are everywhere--they're overpopulating the Earth!!!!
by De'ne'jreanna Smith August 27, 2006
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