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The person you fear the most.
Don't fuck with PuertoRoc.
by Joe April 06, 2004
A hood ass Rican from Rochester, NY.
he a Rochester Rican, he PuertoRoc, Aoowww!
by on that hotboy shit September 30, 2009
Straight gutta puertorican nigga , grimey gutta ghetto hustler a boricua nigga whos makin money and grindin
damn dat boi iz grindin he da "puertoroc"
by PUERTOROCNIGGA031 April 25, 2007
Puerto Rican.. Gullyness... Gangsta Gutta Gator Global! Straight Gully! unless its PuertoRoc from HHR then its jus beeeeeoytch status! lol!
PuertoRoc From HHR Is A Beeeeoytch!
by Gullyness Rugged July 14, 2003