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Noun - pronounced gahs - a word used to express the magnitude of something's whackness.

Similar to "that's whack" but in noun form.

Things that can be a ghas: people, places, situations, lies, events, etc..
Ex 1: "Jesus had blonde hair with blue eyes"
"That's a ghas"

Ex 2: "Kony 2012"
"That's a ghas"

Ex 3: "Ron Paul stands for freedom and liberty"
"Wowwww you don't know shit about economics. You're a ghas!"
by theillestoutthephi May 17, 2012
To make yourself a real pain in the arse about a subject because you want to appear clever, without understanding the problem.
That twat kept on pulling a GHA for Months because he didn't understand the difference between a server and an appliance. Now the project is late and heavily over budget.
by Angry Architect August 31, 2012
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