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Is short Afghanistan Kush, a specific variety of marijuana known for its extremely high potency and named for the Hindu KUSH region in AFGHANISTAN from which it is native. Ghani is a 100% INDICA strain of cannabis, its buds are shorter, thicker and more compact than others making ghani a popular choice for indoor growers.
Did you smoke some of that great ghani Dave had?
by SK8PUNK420 February 24, 2009
Can only be eligible if your name is Ahad, Gia, Saina, or Usman. The people with these names are complete studs.
Woah Ahad is such a ghani!

by Aghani88 August 27, 2008
A term Afghan-Americans use for other Afghan-Americans when they are spotted somewhere.
Don't look now but there's a ghani at 12 o clock.

Damn ghani's always messing up my game when I'm with a girl.

Ghani's all up in the party.
by Afghanrebel December 17, 2010

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