A gewbie is a man that typically enjoys preying on young girls. So basically a gewbie is a pedophile but specifically the type of pedophile that has little to no self respect and can be found to be a fat tub of lard that cannot get women their own age.

They enjoy speaking to innocent girls electronically and is very defensive about it, they will have a temper tantrum. A gewbie is a creature of denial and will do no matter what to hide their pedophilia. A gewbie is mentally unstable and when angered will most likely binge on sweet treats.

A gewbie also most likely lives in their mother's basement and has no life outside of the confines of their mother's home.
Person 1: That gewbie that lives next door to me has been seen driving near schools.
Person 2: "Good lord somebody needs to report him to the cops"

Person 1: "I wish!"
by Pyromaniac5000 April 05, 2011

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